It feels great after doing laundry. 

    It’s RAINING and my phone started playing “Le Festin” and then “Light a Roman Candle With Me” and I was walking to class in my favorite red jeans and it was perfect and I was a very very happy girl for about 10 minutes. 

    Facials! Facials! Facials! They make my day! (or rather, night, because AFX practice and I finally realized that facials add so much to a piece. I can’t stop. Watching.)

    I hate the number four, so here’s a fifth one-liner talking about how much I hate the number four. 

  2. image

    Here’s a longer version of my day today, which is actually better than that GIF implies.

    I had brunch at 12 with Bro #1, Bro #2, and Andrew because Leslie and Victoria were at a mock chem exam. I mixed “Animals” with “Maps”, which is rather embarrassing, since you guys all know I’m a die-hard Adam Levine/Maroon 5 fan.

    I did some work before going to a production of Swan Lake at 2 pm in Zellerbach Hall. The age distribution was severely skewed to the elderly range so I felt incredibly young in the midst of mostly 50 - 80 year-old people. I met up with Gefei and Christina, and we sat down in the plush, scarlet chairs of Zellerbach Hall and chatted for a while before the the orchestra in the pit started to tune, and the lights began to dim.

    The whole enactment was gorgeous - it is absolutely mind-boggling how much can be conveyed by a simple glance, move, or gesture. There were no words, of course, but all the emotions were palpable. The chemistry was evident between the dancers who played Odette and Prince Siegfried.

    The set design was stunning: Act 1 mainly took place next to a “lake”, with stairs leading down to an pristine ballroom. Act 2 took place in a sanatorium (yes, you hear right. In this modern adaptation, Odette goes mad after the mysterious baroness von Rothbart steals away Siegfried’s heart in a seductive dance! Dat bitch, doe.) and inside Odette’s mind, where she finds sanctuary in the “woods” with her fellow “swan-maidens. Act 3 takes place in a party hosted by the baroness, where there are intricate black swirly pillars and a enormous chandelier motif in the back, when Odette floats in, all spiritual and pure, and wins back the prince’s heart! Act 4 was a little confusing for me, but I guess it took place in an actual lake and then figments of Odette’s imagination come in and then she actually drowns herself after bidding a passionate farewell to her true love. 

    Don’t get me started on the costumes. They were so ethereal. Okay, maybe not the guys’, because they were all dressed in suits of various colors (but nonetheless, so many dashing dancers! ;) ). But the women had all these diaphanous dresses that swirled about in the most mesmerizing fashion. I wanted to steal all the dresses. Really. They were that pretty. 

    So after the whole affair ended, I was pretty sad because I hate having to go back to real life after witnessing a magical fantasy replete with grace and beauty. Also Cal lost to UCLA, so that sucked, I guess.

    Dinner is where the GIF goes into play, but since I have too much homework to deal with (and too much over-analysis plaguing my poor little mind), I will talk to all of you later, and drown my sorrows in the Tchaikovsky radio on Pandora. 

    Update 1: Remember how I started the day with “Sweet Disposition”? I have now ended (ish) the day listening to a song called “Sweet Despair” by Cher Lloyd. Currently laughing at the irony that is my life. 

    Update 2: This life no longer makes sense. Like, actually, it doesn’t make any sense. 

  3. A night of (disappointing) pumpkin spice lattes, walking around Southside of Berkeley (they had purple and white Christmas lights strung along the trunks), pulling a muscle in my foot, talking about life, kinda listening to Childish Gambino, determining if we were tripping or there was actually some random spotlight in the trees, and watching the first episode of House of Cards.

    Not a bad night. 

    Also, what’s also not bad is waking up to “Sweet Disposition” on a Saturday morning.  

  4. tbh i think my question of “how’s your love life” might be rhetorical from now on because i really don’t want to know or else i’d punch you for your happiness. <3 

    you know shit’s going down when your stomach doesn’t like food no more. 

    anything past 1 am is going to kill me. lesson learned, thanks. 

  5. What a shitty day. 

    Update: It was slightly less shitty later. 

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  7. Another song I’ve been listening to on repeat. 

    Someone needs to motivate me to get off my lazy ass and go outside and enjoy the afternoon sunshine. 

    Anyone want boba right now? :D 

  8. Sorry that it’s been a while since I’ve last updated my blog, but here you go! 

    I guess I should start out with what happened today, from around 6 pm until now. As I was going to the Dining Commons, I received a snap from Andrew (he’s from Foothill, but from from Boise, Idaho) — first it was just a chat message saying that he was totes down for dinner at 6 pm, and then that was followed by “fuck. sprained my ankle.” 

    Naturally, I was kinda worried because it’s Berkeley, which is part of San Francisco, which is basically made up of hills. So I went to the DC, where I found him with a group of mostly guys, Bro #1, his suitemate Pablo (I think that’s his name), and Bryan (Brian?) who I met just then. It looks pretty serious…and I guess someone already called for ice, and then Victoria and Leslie arrive, and Victoria goes into the DC and out she comes with Gabe with the Good Nose, who calmly assesses the situation and asks if Andrew needs an ambulance. 

    Better safe than sorry, right? Andrew agrees to have Gabe call for an ambulance (it’s bad, but my mind laughed a little at the fact that an ambulance was being called for a sprained ankle. I feel that ambulances should be reserved for people who are getting, like, shot.) and Gabe does call. There’s this family of three on the side, and the dad has decided to give him a load of advice on how to deal with the sprained ankle, and the mom whips out a couple pills of Ibuprofen. Sandy comes down at one point, and we mill around the area before the ambulance finally arrives. 

    The paramedics and policemen come, and it’s obvious that they’re kinda trivializing the situation. They tell Andrew his vitals are fine, but he should probably go to the hospital just to make sure. At this point, one of the police officers turn to me, Sandy, and Leslie, and asks, “Do you guys have a car.”

    "Uh, no, we don’t, we’re college students." 

    "It would be great if you guys had a car and you could just drive him to the hospital."

    Yeah, we figured that having a car for this kind of situation would be great too, thanks for pointing out the obvious, Cap’n.

    Andrew eventually decides to just go back to his dorm, despite the fact that he would have to one-leggedly face a couple flights of stairs and a hill. It would have cost around three thousand dollars for a trip to the hospital, and I’m pretty sure his parents wouldn’t have taken kindly to paying the fee. A group of us plan to relocate this poor soul back to his dorm. Sandy runs to get the elevator open, and two guys plan to act as temporary crutches to get him inside the elevator. 

    And then Amir just comes along and lifts Andrew up, bridal style, and carries him like a mysterious prince carrying away his beautiful princess, to the sunset, heroically and effortlessly, up those treacherous stairs that got Andrew crippled in the first place. 


    One of my sincerest regrets this year will be that I did not take a picture of this priceless moment. All of us, I believe, were trying our best not to laugh. But it was funny. You should have been there. 

    After a lot of hopping and muttered “fucks” on Andrew’s part, we finally get the chap into his room. I accidentally tried opening the janitor’s closet with his key so uh, that was not awkward at all. (I was pretending to open the fire escape, emphasis on pretending). 

    With her expertise and woeful experience in sprained ankles (she’s had four, apparently), Leslie uses blankets, towels, and I think, a detergent container to prop Andrew’s ankle up. Seeing that Andrew would be stuck in his room for, like, ever, we agree to come back and keep him company. But first, as Leslie so succinctly put it, we had to “inhale food quickly.” 

    We get to the DC and I don’t have much, just a shitty cheeseburger that I tried to improve (the meat was pinkish and stringy, and after I saw that, I may have lost all appetite), and very, very bland string beans. I sat with Cozmo (BEST NAME EVAR), Alejandro (I think that’s his name?), and Ian. I think Alejandro started talking about how he had his last three fingers reconstructed because a door slammed on them when he was really young. And then Cozmo, in his lovely, unique manner, started his whole assault of questioning: 

    "So, you like don’t feel anything at all?"

    "Okay, close your eyes and tell me what finger I’m pulling."

    "Holy shit, that’s really creepy."

    "What if I touch the tips of them? You don’t feel anything? Wow. Shit." 

    And then I helpfully mentioned that I had half of my face scraped off in first grade, and then Cozmo just looked at me for a moment. 

    "Which side of the face?"

    "So are you Two-Face now? Don’t kill me." 

    "Is your eyeball real? So if I punched you in your left eye, you’d be legally blind." 

    "Can you hear me. Hello, helloooo, helloooooooo.

    After these amusing dinner-time antics, I excuse myself. After all, I have a “grieving friend” to comfort (okay, maybe he’s grieving over the fact that he’s crippled, he lives in Foothill, and he still has classes to hobble too). I shower, I pack some of the Korean crackers (which were really good, by the way) and some ramen that I got from a care package from a friend ( :D ) — I mean, everyone likes food, right? Despite the fact I cannot heal his foot, I’m sure he’d appreciate, uh, the hungry hole in his heart being filled up with delicious junk.  


    I meet Leslie in front of the SML and it turns out she brought crutches and mochi ice cream, so she totally one-upped me, which made me slightly sad, but hey, the more food, the merrier!

    We get there, and his roommate happens to be there too. Andrew and his roommate had been going through some rough patches in their dorm-relationship, and so Andrew asked us to step outside because he and his roommate were going to have some conciliatory chat, I guess.

    His roommate leaves, and the fun begins. Since it is kinda late, I’m going to just give snippets of what happened (some of the night is documented on Snapchat, so if you want to actually see how wasted we were — like, not at all, sorry — over “2000s Pop”, which is a legit station on Pandora, believe it or not, BE MY FRIEND ON SNAPCHAT. :D 

    So we sang a lot to old songs, Disney songs, middle school emo songs. At one point, we pulled up the Pokemon theme song and sang that, and one of Andrew’s suitemates passed by and stopped with the most peculiar expression on his face. We all burst out laughing. 

    We also started playing Cards Against Humanity, and it goes without saying that there were tears shed (tears of laughter over the ludicrous and highly inappro-pro selections of card) and blood spilled and many insults lobbed about (mostly by me, calling Andrew a cripple, among other things in my colorful language store). 

    The last round we played produced some pretty memorable one-liners. The card was “This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with _____.” It was Bryan’s turn to judge. The last card was, “Firing a rifle into the air while balls-deep in a squealing hog.” (yes, I actually decided to Google the precise terms, so the NSA is going to think I’m a super freak, whoohoo!)

    Bryan started laughing and said, “That’s like, two bangs.”

    He chose that card, and that card happened to be Andrew’s, and he said it was his discard card. *clap clap* Not bad for a discard. 

    At this point, Bro #1 insisted that the lines of the card were from a T.S. Eliot poem, and I said it was not (and it actually was. You win again, but not next time, mon amie), and then Bryan started to rapidly recite some spectacular poem (I’m not sure if was actually “The Hollow Men”) and we all go, “Whoaaaa.”

    Bro #1 asks, “Wow, what’s your major?”

    Evidently, he’s expecting it to be English, or something that requires a hella lot of reading dense poetry.

    "I’m EECS."  

    With that parting laughter to shoo us away, we tuck our crippled friend into his bed, bid him a good night, threaten to ruin his night as he ruined ours (Bro #1), throw a parting colorful insult (that was me, again), and shut the front door. 

    What a night - completely ruined by bonding over black and white cards, singing uproariously to “Complicated” and “Stacy’s Mom”, and making someone’s day a little less shitty.

    And to think I could have been doing homework instead. >:(  

  9. brb while i’ll rip my heart so i don’t have to experience emotions. 

    Will blog as soon as I get midterms and essays over and done with. 


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